Our Story

Expertly crafted jewellery that celebrates love in all its forms


Each diamond is evaluated on the precision of its cut, colour and clarity. Careful consideration is given to each stone's proportions, symmetry and shape.  

By working with our extensive connections at source, we ensure competitive pricing and full transparency. All our diamonds are sourced from ethical distribution channels that adhere to the strictest business practices.


Choosing the perfect coloured stone is a personal journey. We guide our clients through this journey of discovery, paying special attention to the ideal balance of colour, tone and saturation of the gemstone. We make sure all our clients emotionally connect with their dream stone, ending up with ‘The One”. 

All our gemstones are responsibly sourced via ethical distribution channels.


It all begins with the stone. 

Our sophisticated, clean and timeless settings enhance the natural beauty of each stone. Our rare and exquisite diamonds and gemstones come to life in a thoughtful, fine and contemporary design. 


Our pieces are handmade using a fusion of fundamental ancient techniques and cutting edge modern technologies.